A Dream. My Passion.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Again! I'm baaaaack! I just want to share to you a short story from my life. Hope you like it! :)

Hi! I'm Erica. :) A 14 year -old girl who wants to capture those sad and happy moments of her life and also, other people's special memories.  I love pictures. I want to become a tool for them to remember the past. The past that would make them cry and laugh.  The past that would help them remember those people who crossed on their lives.  Those people who made them cry, joked at them and also to those people who made them feel that they're important and they exist in this world.

I started to love photography since when I was 11 years old.  I loved it accidentally. When I was elementary, I was assigned to become a young photojournalist for our school paper for a week.  It's a one week training as a photojournalist.  At first, I found it boring but after the training, everything changed. Our trainor sad that I have some hidden talents on that field because I was able to capture a beautiful landscape. Even though I'm just a neophyte on that field. When I reached high school, I wasn't able to join in the journalism club, and I was so sad by that time. Oh! I forgot to tell you, in my elementary days, as a young photojournalist of that school, the school would be the one responsible for the equipments that you will use so when I entered highschool, since I don't have my own camera, my life as a young photographer had stopped.

Last school year, I tried to join a contest. An international photo-essay contest. When my teacher told me to join the contest, I did not hesitate to join in that contest. It's my dream.  I had some problems regarding the contest because I don't have my own camera. But I didn't give up. I tried my best to look for a camera. I tried to talk to the school paper administrator and asked her if I can use their equipment but they rejected my request. I still didn't give up.  I asked one of my classmate if I can use her camera for the photoshoot. I promised that I will return to her the camera after a week without any damages. Luckily! she let me borrow her camera. I really worked hard for that contest. After 2 months, I received an email from Japan regarding the contest. I was able to passed on the 3rd screening of the photos!! But I wasn't able to made it to the top 3. Even though I didn't win on that contest, I'm still happy because I experienced holding a camera again. Now, I still don't have my camera because I couldn't afford to buy one but this doesn't mead that I'll give up my dream. This is my passion. This is what I want.  Next school year, I'm planning again to join another international photography contest and hope that this time, I'll make my greatest dream come true! :)

Thank you for reading this! Hope you like it. 

These are some of the pictures that I captured during the photoshoot :)))

My Life As a Fangirl

Friday, February 3, 2012
Hi there! I'm baaaaaack!!! After 9 months of not visiting this blog, finally... I'm baaaaaack!! :))

I just wanted to share some thoughts of mine. These are the things that usually comes into my mind whenever I'm alone, lonely and having my daydreams. First and foremost, I admit, I'm a certified fangirl. I love Kpop. It seems that I can't live without it. It's so addictive. There are some korean artists whom I really love. Whenever I hear their precious voice and see their priceless smiles on the television, it always makes me feel that I'm complete. It can give happiness to me. Happiness that no one could give to me. 

Whenever they have their new released songs or new albums, I make sure that I already memorized that song and have the english interpretation of it because it's written in korean.  As a fangirl, you started to act as if you're really a korean citizen. I started to learn some korean words for me to know the meaning of a certain korean song. And also, I started to learn "Hangeul", the writing system of korean people. 

In terms of my love for my biases or favorite korean artists, it'c unconditional. I'm loving them even though I know in myself that they don't even know me and they also didn't know that I'm existing in this world.  It's really hard. Watching your love from a distance, literally, FROM A DISTANCE. They're in Korea and I'm in Philippines. Even though they're both located in Asia, still, it's quite far.  In school, even though that I'm busy, I never forget to think of them every time and search for new released songs, because they make me inspired in school. The help me in doing and showing more what I've really got in our school.