My first Poem.. :)))

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Just a Dream

As I walk towards the light;
I saw a man that shines out bright;
A nice day today, the sky is blue;
The wind whispered and then it blew.

He offered to me his hands;
The birds sang like a band;
Our hands joined together;
Hoping that it'll last forever.

Holding my hand while walking;
I heard his heart fast beating;
Is this a dream or just the reality?
Everything turns into fantasy.

I looked up to the sky;
Wishing he'll never say goodbye;
He looked into my eyes;
Then I melted like an ice.

I looked into his face;
And his nose I tried to trace;
Everything seems so perfect;
Hoping that there's no bad effect.

Bright colors starts to fade;
Put an end to the fantasy we've made;
And when I open my eyes;
I looked up to the sky and wished to dreamt it thrice...


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